Figure 01: Design Delivery

Big corporations like to create departments and use its authority and autonomy in their own territory — to protect the combined knowledge in a specific area.

Welcome back, and thanks for…

Figure 01: Product Lense of a project

Figure 01: JIRA when you ever wish to search for it.

Let’s find out together how the product design discipline has evolved and how managing design is more of a coaching and mentoring exercise.

Figure 01: Image of Day /Night

Figure 01: Dual track agile basic principle
Figure 01: Dual-Track Agile

Figure 01: Done synonym from the dictionary

Figure 01: The Development Section

“Documentation is like sex: when it’s good, it’s very, very good; when it’s bad, it’s better than nothing.”

— Dick Brandon

Welcome to the last the fifth articles of this series. Over the last four weeks, we went through the history and definition behind this Confluence structure. Helping the colleagues…

“Design is a conscious and intuitive effort to impose meaningful order. Design is both the underlying matrix of order and the tool that creates it.”

— Victor Papanek

In the last article, we look at the structure that increases transparency across the business. This article aims to answer all the…

Jiri Mocicka

Experience Design Director and Founder of @givetm_ and @9V™ (former @LloydsBank, @SR_, @skyuk, @rga, @sony). Constantly trying to find a space for his @TrekBike

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