Atlassian Documentation for Product Design Teams Part 2

Figure 01: Three pillars of Agile

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

— W. Edwards Deming

Figure 02: Three pillars with three focus areas.

Discovering 3x3

  • Business — focus on the operation, budgets, vision, objectives, including team structure and onboarding. What do we expect from our proposition? Who do we compete with? And how do we address the differences in our product?
  • Design — concentrates on the content and experience tied to the final design proposition, including assets management. In other words, how this thing looks, feels and behave.
  • Development — concentrate on sharing information about APIs, databases, and data migrations along the way, tracking the releases and integrating what we have built.
Figure 03: What is glueing every product team?

The philosophy behind the 3x3 model.

We believe that transparency is the key to success and that every team member is accountable to contribute. We do not build our responsibilities and duties; we thrive with our accountability. We all help define a better future–for us, for the product and for users/clients we all support.

— Jiri Mocicka 2015 SKYQ, UK


1.0 — DaS Hello

Figure 04: Product design development hidden flows.

2.0 — DaS Business

Figure 05: Product Road Map.

3.0 — DaS Research

Figure 06: Research Loop.

4.0 — DaS Content

Figure 07: Content Funnel.

5.0 — DaS Experience

Figure 08: Navigation and Behavioural Model.

6.0 — DaS Design

Figure 09: Design System and Design Operations.

7.0 — DaS Development

Figure 10: Development Hub.

8.0 — DaS Releases

Figure 11: Releases in the scale.

9.0 — DaS Integrations

Figure 12: Product API’s Integration.

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