Atlassian Documentation for Product Design Teams Part 3

Figure 01: The Business Section

“Transparency is the new objectivity.”

— David Weinberger

1.0 — DaS Hello

Figure 01: The Introduction section called “Hello”

2.0 — DaS Business

Figure 02: An ambition that unifies the team.

3.0 — DaS Research

Figure 03: Three pillars of Agile.

Common Questions

Figure 04: Three biggest struggles of working remotely.

What mostly failed

Figure 05: Communication across a variety of channels.

Slack and other tools.

Figure 06: Where the action and decision live?

Too many empty pages.

“My friend, if you require all the final information for your work, you might give up to work entirely. The only certainty in this world is that everything is in constant change.”

— Josh F. SGI 2002

Figure 07: The flow of the information in different channels is similar to “forking”.

“How do I contribute to building the next best digital product by communicating this message at this very moment?”

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