DoD — Check List for Designers.

Figure 01: Done synonym from the dictionary

Definition of Done is an agreement on which basis the Scrum team defines the optimal software development deliverables to be good enough.

Figure 02: Checklist illustration showing three columns.

“Most fear is just bad management of our own mental faculties.”

— Brendon Buchard

Definition of Done

“Doing things is not the same as getting things done.”

— Jared Silver

An example of Design at Scale — DoD

Figure 03: Example of the user story checklist

1. DoD checklist for a user story




Figure 04: Example of Sprint Checklist

2. DoD checklist for Sprint

“… under conditions of complexity, not only are checklists a help, they are required for success.”

— Atul Gawande

Figure 05:





To Avoid

Final Check-List

Customer Lense

System Lense

DoD–Checklist for the Prototyping (POC) Phase

DoD–Checklist for a user story





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